How To Kill Adventist Education

(And How To Give It A Fighting Chance!)

Too many pastors are frustrated with the church school their congregation is connected to.  The school seems to have “a mind of its own,” and seems to suck up precious resources (money, volunteer hours, etc.) that could be better used elsewhere.

What’s a dedicated pastor to do?

“How To Kill Adventist Education (And How To Give It A Fighting Chance!)” is the international best-seller that has helped move Adventist schools on three continents back into health.  While written for a general audience, it can also help pastors understand clearly the mission of Adventist Education; what has caused its decline for the last 30+ years; and how to help a school that’s in trouble to thrive once again. Available in English, Spanish, and Korean.

Comments From Readers

  • “Anderson hits the nail square on the head with the issues facing Adventist Education. An excellent read. No need to wait for your school to begin to fall apart, the insights by Anderson can and should be applied by all schools no matter their situation.”
  • “Shane Anderson’s description of the problem, proposed strategy for revival, and many other great tips make this book a timely read for anyone involved in church leadership, teaching or school administration, or even concerned parents wondering about the future of SDA schools in America. Definitely worth the price!”
  • “A well written, well researched book on how we got to where we are and what to do about it.”
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