Pastor Shane Explains

Pastor Shane Explains is a new adventure for me, and hopefully, a blessing for young people I and others work with.

This small but growing YouTube channel grew out of my decades of teaching high school Sabbath School classes. At the beginning of each class, I invite the students to ask one question on any topic, regardless of whether or not it matches the lesson topic for that day. While every year brings new questions, some questions get repeated frequently. Pastor Shane Explains takes those more frequent questions and puts them and their answers in a (hopefully!) user-friendly, engaging, and practical format so that the youth I work with as well as others can benefit.

A Sample of Pastor Shane Explains

The channel is definitely small at the moment, but will grow over time. Check back on occasion to see what’s new! And feel free to contact me if you have questions you think would be good to cover on Pastor Shane Explains, as well.