R.O.K. (Reaching Teens)

Helping teens know that Jesus loves them and that the church is awesome is not always an easy task. But on our campus, we’ve made great strides in these areas.

ROK Ministries stands for “Reach Our Kids,” and it is the largest ministry in our local church. Every year, more than 100 adults reach out and develop friendships with our 200+ teens and help them to know Jesus better.

The presentation below is of one of our annual ROK Welcome Sabbaths. The last 10 minutes of the presentation show clearly the enthusiastic reception ROK creates each year. This ministry is easily reproducible, and has proven quite effective at connecting teens to the church.

ROK Welcome Sabbath

Principles for Youth Ministry

Below is a presentation on three key practices every church ought to do to be more effective in reaching youth for Christ.

“An Open Invitation” (on Youth Ministry in the Local Church)