Women’s Ordination

Pastor-as-Planter: Key to WO Resolution?

Women as Local Pastors?  No. 

Women as Apostles?  Of Course!

Many in the church have been asking, with great enthusiasm and much handwringing, precisely the wrong question when it comes to women in ministry – and it has cost the church dearly.  A return to the biblical and early Adventist model of ministry may be the solution.

“It’s Time to Change the Rules”

This article originally appeared on August 30, 2017, on the website of Adventist Today: https://atoday.org/its-time-to-change-the-rules-averting-a-fall-council-disaster-over-womens-ordination/


Going Deeper:  Reframing Women’s Ordination

The video below (please forgive the low resolution) was originally recorded on Sabbath, July 18, 2015.  It gives key additional background/biblical support for the concepts presented in the Adventist Today article above.