Apocalyptic Flavor

A Question of Good Taste:  Should Adventists Be Honest About Their Apocalyptic Flavor?

Many Adventists are embarrassed by the church’s prophetic message.  Such apocalyptic flavor seems about as relevant to real life as a snorkel to a squid, and phrases like “the Beast” and “the Antichrist” can make even the most well-intended Adventist feel like a spiritual redneck.
If you or someone you know feels that way, check out the article below.  It makes a compelling case for the unique flavor of Adventism being relevant, inspiring, and – when utilized correctly – remarkably effective at reaching others for Christ.

CLICK HERE for, “To Beast or Not To Beast: That is a Fascinating Question!”

This piece originally appeared as the cover article in the July 19, 2012, edition of the Adventist Review.